Our Company has received the Distributor and Installer certificate from COFEM, S.A. (Spain). COFEM, S.A. is established in 1973 and has more than a 40-year operational experience in fire detection and fire alarm systems.
COFEM, S.A. specializes in production of professional equipment for targeted fire alarm systems, offers competitive and hi-tech production meeting all standards and regulation of the European level that enables it to successfully export its product in more than 50 countries of the world.
You may purchase all ruler of production and specialized solutions of thus brand from us. Our Company offers an integrated approach, which means a conceptual solution – equipment designing, delivery, installation and starting-up and adjustment works, further service of systems.
For obtaining this certificate “Dogrulyk” EC specialists have had special training in COFEM, S.A. facilities in Barcelona, received necessary qualification and are ready to apply their knowledge with pleasure for satisfaction of the clients’ requirements in the market of Turkmenistan.