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Success Stories

Completed projects

CCTV upgrade in “HALK MARKET” store

During the reconstruction of the store "HalkMarket", which is located in capital’s "15 Years of Independence" shopping center, the administration decided to upgrade the entire surveillance system simultaneously. Experts of the ES «DOGRULYK» designed and installed the network video surveillance system based on modern HIKVISION IP-cameras. Project proposed by our company has successfully solved two problems: the safety of employees and visitors of the shop, as well as the organization of the online video monitoring of the updated supermarket's work.

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Security system construction in “DAYHANBANK”

The modern security systems based on HIKVISION equipment have been introduced by the specialists of ES «DOGRULYK» at all facilities of the State Commercial Bank of Turkmenistan. It allowed to provide a round- the-clock surveillance of bank premises and adjacent territory, as well as to control the process of technological operations. In addition, the local video surveillance systems were built for self-service devices (ATMs). All systems have been integrated and displayed on a single monitoring station. Today, more than 100 offices of the bank "Dayhanbank" and about 1,000 of its ATMs are equipped with video surveillance systems.

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Installation of the video surveillance system for «BALAM» retail network

Our client – the «BALAM» company, needed a high-quality video surveillance system to protect their retail and warehouse premises. Experts of ES «DOGRULYK» offered a comprehensive solution, including IP-cameras, network video registrars (NVRs) and professional video panels for the monitoring centers. After the careful analysis of the manufacturer, the customer opted for HIKVISION equipment. As a result, our company created the professional integrated centralized monitoring system that ensure the maximum protection of the «BALAM» company and minimize the risks. The company’s employees now are able to control the actions of the showroom workers and buyers, as well as to quickly react to any incident, eliminate the risks associated with thefts and wrongdoings.

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Security system construction for the office building of «CNPC» company

The office of «CNPC» company in Ashgabat is a new modern building located in the northwestern part of Ashgabat, on Bitaraplyk Avenue. The office complex comprises two three-floor buildings that stand separately. In order to provide the necessary security for the office of the company «CNPC» (Ashgabat), a video surveillance system was designed, taking into account the particular layout of premises, trajectories of flows of people, the features of entrance areas, elevator lobbies and parking. For solving the assigned tasks, the ES «DOGRULYK» proposed to the customer a complete solution based on AXIS equipment that allowed to organize the necessary level of safety and ensure high quality of the system's work.

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Installation of CCTV at the metallurgical plant

The owners of the plant, which came to office in 2014, started the restoration of production and its modernization by investing heavily in the enterprise development. One of the most important tasks was to equip the plant with modern security systems. Experts of ES «DOGRULYK», together with the customer, fluctuated for a long time between the two directions of development of the system: IP or counterpart. Since the decision could not be imposed on them by the supplier, it had to be a conscious decision of the customer. In addition, it was necessary to take into account the prospects of further expansion of the system and the compatibility of the new and already installed equipment. Since we are the official partner of the GEOVISION, the official representative of the company in Turkmenistan supported us in this issue providing their test lab for our disposal.

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Installation of the video surveillance system in the «GRAND TURKMEN» hotel

Hotel «GrandTurkmen» in Ashgabat always cares about the comfort and safety of its visitors and its staff. For this reason, the management of the hotel decided to create a modern integrated online video surveillance system with a reliable storage of data archive. The effective solution to this problem required from the employees of the ES «DOGRULYK» a systematic approach based on the analysis of the functioning of the object, identification of the most vulnerable areas and potential threats, drawing up possible scenarios for criminal activities and the development of measures for their prevention. The choice of provider of the video surveillance equipment solutions has also had the great importance. According to our recommendations, the client has chosen HIKVISION equipment that best meets all safety requirements and provides a high quality monitoring of events.

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CCTV upgrade in «SENAGAT» bank

Our client’s problem was that the installed video surveillance system has been designed by means of the equipment and the managing software from different vendors. It significantly reduced its efficiency and increased the maintenance costs. Engineers of ES «DOGRULYK» offered a comprehensive solution based on GEOVISION equipment. The first step was to replace the central server equipment and the connection of IP-video servers of GEOVISION with more powerful 32-channels. Then we installed 45 dome network cameras of GV FD220D model with high-quality sensor for indoor and street surveillance. The protection of the perimeter of the building was provided by the cylindrical street IP-camera AXIS-P1355-E and AXIS-Q6045-E. During the course of further operation GEOVISION equipment has confirmed its high performance, efficiency and profitability.

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Design and installation of video surveillance system at the Ashgabat International Airport

Airport is the crowded place, where a problem of public safety occurs sharply and the special requirements are laid to the video surveillance system. At the time of request there were several mutually independent video surveillance systems functioning at the Ashgabat airport with different architectural solutions and even geographically separated. The need for integration was clear to the airport administration. Experts of the ES «DOGRULYK» presented to the tender the project of integration of existing surveillance systems with maximum use of existing equipment and infrastructure, which significantly reduced the price of the project (6-7 times, in comparison with the construction of a new IP-surveillance system "from scratch"). At the same time, the connection of the recorders to a data network would greatly facilitate access to video and video archives.

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