Geovision company was founded in 1998 under the leadership of George Tay. The company is headquartered in Taiwan, with its branches represented in America, Japan and the Czech Republic. The GeoVision brand is one of the leaders in the international market of high technologies. The intelligent integrated video surveillance systems, professional solutions for commercial and industrial enterprises, security systems, high-quality software – these and other Geovision developments are widely used all over the world.

The company presents the high-tech products, which allow to solve the major problems of surveillance applications for small facilities, as well as for centralized complex projects. The entire range is equipped with a built-in system of video analytics. The company’s product passes the comprehensive testing; it is easy to use and install, which is a huge advantage. The continuous improvement of hardware and software, as well as the compression technologies, ensures the preservation of GeoVision leading position in the CCTV market.

Today GeoVision company is:
  • a wide range of digital video surveillance systems, starting from efficient models with a speed display 15 kb / DLS to the highly efficient models, providing the display speed of 400 kb / s; a choice of connection types of BNC and D-Sub, built-in autonomous I / O modules;
  • IP-video surveillance;
  • IT technology integration with video surveillance systems;
  • Processing and video analysis functions;
  • Digital video surveillance system with POS (trade automation) support;
  • CMS (Central Monitoring Station), providing the high-quality operational control over a set of objects;
  • The system of vehicle identification numbers (LPR) recognition;
  • Access Control (ACMS);
  • A full range of optional equipment, which provides an optimal and individual solution for each user.

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