Safe city

"Safe City" is a set of the most advanced software and hardware, telecommunications technologies and information-analytical solutions that give an opportunity to ensure security and video surveillance of the population and the modern city infrastructure in real time.


Video surveillance system is one of the most effective forms of protection in large industrial plants, shopping centers, company offices, as well as in your home or cottage.

Access Control and Management Systems

The use of modern access control and maintenance systems is your guarantee of prevention of any intrusion by unauthorized person or transport to the protected area.

Alarm systems

Burglar alarm systems provide reliable security of protected sites, areas or the perimeter and will timely warn of the dangerous situation, illegal entry or undesirable actions.

Fire-Burglar Alarm

Installation of fire-burglar alarm is now a mandatory security element in commercial and industrial premises, as well as in private facilities. This alarm timely warns of the fire and will not only help to protect your property, but also to save the lives and health of people.

Announcing Systems

In a modern security system an important place occupied by the audio warning system. Their main purpose - timely notification of people in the building, about emergencies and evacuation management.

Equipment for automatization of the parking lot

Equipment for automatization of the parking lot will provide an effective control of transport entry to and exit from the car park, and significantly improve the safety and convenience of parking services.

Office communication, IP-telephony

Organization of the telephone communication on the base of IP-technology is an optimal solution both for a small office and to ensure communication between branches and other structural units of the medium and large companies. Its main advantage is the significant reduction of the telephone communication charges.

QMATIC Electronic Queue Systems

Systems electronic QMATIC turn - a modern hardware and software system for managing the flow of visitors, the queue control, organization of services and the distribution of visitors (customers, service users) in commercial and public establishments.