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Founded more than 30 years ago, the Qmatic company offers the best solutions for the management of client service quality. Its innovative systems are used in government agencies, banks, shops, hospitals and other institutions around the world. Qmatic offers efficient and reliable gateways of integration with other ecosystems as well, so that the customer service can be always on top.

It is very important for Qmatic to have reliable like-minded collaborators, who are ready to cope with any number of customers and conquer new markets. Therefore, it seeks to create an open, mutually beneficial partnership on a global level. The opening of its offices in more than 120 countries is a clear evidence for that.


Due to a structured approach to the development of their systems and partnership organization, Qmatic constantly strives to improve the effectiveness of cooperation by collaborating with suppliers and companies in related industries. Thereby, it contributes to the spread of innovations and accelerates the payback of customer investments.

Nowadays, Qmatic is the largest and most successful participant in the global market of modern queue management systems. Its systems help to monitor the quality of service and allow to control how your employees serve clients in each office of the organization. It significantly helps to harmonize activities across the organization regardless of its size and complexity of the structure.

More information about the Qmatic company and its technologies at: https://www.qmatic.com