Access Control and Management Systems


Access control and management system (ACMS) is an integral component of the integrated security system and can be implemented both by simple stand-alone network systems and by the network systems with complex architecture.

ACMS allows you to control various execution units (doors, turnstiles, locks, gates, barriers, etc.) and to control the entry (exit) of employees and visitors to the territory of the enterprise or to the separate areas and rooms in the building, as well as the movement of vehicles in the territory or in the parking lot. The integrated security systems that integrate the video surveillance means, burglar and fire alarms are often built on the basis of ACMS, which ensures the maximum safety of facility or building.

ES «DOGRULYK» designs and installs security systems on large sites with hundreds of access points and thousands of users, and in small spaces. To do this, we use the equipment of leading world manufacturers and the best and software.

The monitoring systems installed by our specialists will allow:
  • to control the staff movement within the territory;
  • to define the access groups limiting the personnel access to the different areas and facilities;
  • to carry out the working time record of the staff;
  • to set the access schedule for groups and individual employees;
  • to automatically display the information about the cardholder;
  • to reduce the security staff;
  • to compile a list of lost magnetic cards and block the access while attempts to use them;
  • to compile the extended reports about the time of entry, alarm sources;
  • to initiate the alarms at occurrence of specified events;
  • to carry out the integration with CCTV, alarm system, dispatching system and fire alarm system.

The staff of the ES «DOGRULYK» will be happy to help you with right choice of the tools necessary for monitoring and access control for a specific facility. Knowledge and practical experience of our experts is the guarantee of high quality and efficient operation of your control system!

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