QMATIC Electronic Queue Systems

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Systems of electronic QMATIC queue are a simple solution to the complex problems of optimization of customer service in different types of organizations. Such systems are becoming increasingly popular among companies around the world, who are fastidious to the quality of service to its customers. On one hand, for the institutions and the organizations that implement it, they can solve the problems of queue management and distribution of loads on the personnel, and on the other hand, they improve the service for their visitors. By monitoring the queues, you raise the prestige of the company and significantly simplify the work of your employees.

ES «DOGRULYK», being the official partner of Qmatic, offers complete solutions for the installation of electronic queue systems of different “turn-key” complexity on the basis of equipment that has been manufactured by the world leader in this field.

The minimal set of electronic queue system includes:
  • information booth;
  • large display;
  • software;
  • installation and initial software setup;
  • hardware warranty and software support for 12 months.

How does the system of electronic queue work:
In the service hall, the visitor chooses the service of his interest or a department on a touch screen terminal (kiosk) and is registered in the electronic queue. Having received the ticket with the number of registration and reference information (place and time of the service, the approximate waiting time, etc.), the visitor waits for its call by the registration number, which will appear on a special board of electronic queue. At the same time, he can estimate the time until his call and comfortably spend this waiting time doing other things. Seeing his number, he comes up to the window or to a desk operator, the number of which is displayed on the Main monitor. Thus, “Electronic Queue”, the traffic management system of users, organizes and distributes the visitors, eliminating a chaos and an uncertainty in the service hall.

Advantages of an electronic queue system:

For your customers (visitors):
  • visitors do not make mistakes in choosing the queue, easily orientate themselves and the possibility of waiting “in the wrong queue” is reduced to a minimum;
  • organized service makes the waiting calm and helpful;
  • the implementation of multipartite services’ algorithms becomes possible (with the need to visit multiple “windows”, and making several successive actions).
For your employees:
  • visitors do not distract the staff with questions, allowing them to work more effectively;
  • employees know the number of visitors waiting in line, and can plan their work ahead;
  • an overall improvement in the quality of work in the office.
For your company:
  • enhances the company’s image in the eyes of visitors;
  • allows to place your information content (scrolling text, video materials, announcements, advertisements) on coupons and monitors;
  • enables customers to select and purchase more goods and services during waiting time;
  • provides important statistics on the productivity of the personnel, which is required for planning of the office work and motivation of employees;
  • electronic queue system can be scaled and continuously be updated without significant financial costs.

Electronic queue – it’s easy!

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