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Security System Design


A professional approach to the design of security systems is the foundation of its successful implementation (installation, equipment installation, commissioning works) and the guarantee of a reliable and high-quality work. For preparation of projects, ES «DOGRULYK» attracts the best of the experts, who have extensive experience of similar works. This allows us to create projects of any complexity, including the unique designs of integrated security systems. In this regard, we completely take into account the customer’s quality requirements, and at the same time we help to avoid unnecessary financial costs, by choosing the most suitable for particular purpose equipment.


I stage. Create draft design of security projects

Engineers of ES «DOGRULYK» carry out the study of object documentation, the conditions of customer’s requirements list and the recommendations of our experts, who conducted pre-design inspection of the object, as well as the additional requirements and wishes of the client. On the basis of these data, a few draft designs of security projects are prepared, which offer the use of different typologies of security systems, various options of equipment and solutions of problems on energy supply, the choice of the level of automation and selection of the required software. Options of draft designs are presented to the client, the detailed explanations on each option are provided and their approximate costs are substantiated. Based on the presentation, the client selects for himself the most appropriate option of the future project (or makes suggestions) and the requirement specifications are defined. Draft design is a foundation for the future security of the object; it defines the possibility of upgrading and integration of hardware in the future.

II stage. Development of the technical project of security system

On the basis of draft design, the specialists of ES «DOGRULYK» develop a detailed technical project, which includes the technical documentation of future security systems, the drawings and specifications, which take into account all features of the object, as well as an explanatory note to the draft. Thus, the customer receives a complete package of documents that are required to start the installation.

III stage. Preparation of the working draft of security system

The working draft defines the conditions of implementation of the prepared project. It stipulates the compilation of the definitive estimate and the terms of installation and commissioning of the system, as well as the necessary measures for the implementation of the project (coordinating the works of various technical and construction services, coordination of subcontractors’ activities, the need to obtain permits from state and local regulatory authorities and others.). Projects that are developed by our experts differ with a detailed study and with the consideration of the individual wishes and capabilities of the client, and are used by many customers in their “safety standards”. We prepare a working draft of the security system only if the implementation of the project will be carried out by our company.

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