March 13, 2013

Joint Stock Commercial Bank «Senagat»


The highest requirements are set for the bank security systems, so the parameters such as quality, efficiency and speed of the system are very important for such facilities. Joint Stock Commercial Bank «Senagat» is an interesting example of the facility in terms of the tasks that are set by the client and distinguishing features of the implementation of the project.

  • Modernization and expansion of IP-Surveillance system.
  • Combining the two in parallel existing disparate systems into one on the basis of an integrated solution from a single vendor.
  • Ensuring the reliability of archive storage and improved quality of video transmission in real time.

The video surveillance system that had been originally installed at the facility was designed on the basis of equipment and managing software from different vendors. In connection with this, the constant renewal of the paid license was required, and there were some difficulties with the expansion of the system and connection of the new equipment. The comprehensive solution based on GEOVISION equipment was offered to client in order to solve the abovementioned problems. GEOVISION equipment line provides wide opportunities for the design of surveillance systems in various sectors, offering their own IP-integrated solutions, including the banking sector, and provides the necessary quality of the whole system’s work. In addition to that, the gradual replacement of obsolete equipment with newer models is also possible.


The first stage of the implementation comprised replacement of the central server equipment and the connection of more powerful 32-channel GEOVISION IP-video servers. Built-in 12-disk storages with total capacity of 96 TB (12 * 4Tb * 2) allowed to create more capacious video archive.

The most powerful IP-servers with a capacity of up to 330 Mbit / s ensure the high data transfer rate and operation of the whole system. They allow to display videos in real time with Full HD quality. Total capacity of the IP-video server cluster that is connected with 36 cameras is 890 Mbit / s. The IP-video server GEOVISION supports simultaneous processing of 4 video streams and multiple recording modes: on schedule, on event, pre-recording, panic mode.

Bank surveillance system is equipped with IP-cameras for indoor and street surveillance. The system combines the 45 dome network cameras GV FD220D models with high-quality 2-megapixel sensor that provides video stream with a Full HD resolution at up to 30 frames / sec. The combination of the built-in IR illumination with range up to 20 meters, the motorized zoom (f = 3.3-10mm, F1.2-2.5) and IP-cameras’ wide dynamic range up to 96 dB allow to obtain clear images in bright light, as well as in its absence.

The protection of the building perimeter and entrance areas is provided by outdoor cylindrical AXIS-P1355-E and AXIS-Q6045-E m IP-cameras. These models are specially designed for outdoor installation and have a vandal-proof housing with a high protection class – IP66. Built-in heater allows to use this model in a temperature range from -40 to + 50 ° C. IP-video camera transmits a video stream at a rate of 30 frames / s and with 1920×1080 resolution.

The PoE technology of power feed of all network cameras included into the system eliminates the need for additional power supply, which, in turn, saves the energy consumption of the system.