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Nowadays each metropolis is a complex system of various infrastructure elements such as transport, telecommunications, energy and water supply, law enforcement and many others, which are closely interrelated.

The proper monitoring and effective management of all these urban systems requires a comprehensive solution that will allow to timely obtain, collect and comprehensively analyze the information coming from a variety of sources, promptly forwarding it to all of the concerned services (the city administration, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Traffic Police and other agencies).

ES «DOGRULYK» offers exactly the same solution called “Safe City”.

Safe City is a set of the most advanced software and hardware, telecommunications technologies and information-analytical solutions which ensures security and video surveillance of the population and the infrastructure of a modern city in real time.

Our system allows to solve the problem of security on the streets without wasting time and unnecessary costs, and allows the integration of existing analog systems without a complete equipment replacement. The open-standards-based platform used by the ES «DOGRULYK» in its solution allows to expand the functionality by installing new cameras and encoders, as well as by the introduction of additional smart technologies to enhance security and control. You can start small to immediately achieve the tangible changes, and then move forward – to further enhancing of the safety of the city and its inhabitants.

Highly sensitive equipment for detection, monitoring and real-time information transmission of the “Safe City” complex will ensure the following:
  • effective protection of people and property;
  • strengthening the protection of strategically important facilities of the city;
  • improving the reputation and image of the city;
  • increase of the warning system speed and provision of the relevant information to public about the threat of crisis situations emergence;
  • prevention of anti-social behavior and acts of vandalism, and, in the wake of this, reduced repair and restoration costs;
  • prompt receipt of information from the city’s facilities and access to the video archives;
  • acceleration of investigations of breachs of law with the help of a clear, high-quality video.
Typical objects of the “Safe city” control system:
  • residential sector (entrances, backyard areas);
  • municipal buildings, schools and kindergartens;
  • industrial and large commercial facilities;
  • objects of the transport infrastructure (roadway, bus stops, train stations and airports);
  • crowded places.
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