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Office communication, IP-telephony


The main advantage of IP-telephony is the reduction of the call costs. The opportunity of access to the exchange networks of IP-telephony allows making the regular long-distance or international calls at extremely low rates.

Thanks to new technologies, the bandwidth of communication channels is increased many times, which makes it possible to effectively use them simultaneously to many subscribers.

In addition, compared with traditional methods of organization of the internal telephone communication (via PBX), the internal telephone communication, which is built on IP-based, has a number of other advantages:
  • excellent communication quality;
  • the fastest deployment of a full-featured office phone network;
  • no need for additional wiring for telephony – only a computer cabling around the office is needed;
  • no need to equip each workstation with additional outlets – only one power outlet for computer and phone is enough;
  • the range of additional free features: conference calling, voice mailbox, voice mail, etc.;
  • communication costs are reduced by 30-80%.

«DOGRULYK» ES offers the effective solutions for the organization of new generation of IP-telephony through SIP-based protocol, which fully meets the needs of your business in office and mobile communications.

Our solutions, being based on modern IP-CS and IP-phones, allow combining up to 1,000 subscribers within a building to a single telephone network, including Call Manager, or connect all phones of the company to a single corporate network regardless of their location – in the office or at branch offices, or mobile or home phones.

This will allow customers of ES «DOGRULYK» to abandon the classical PBX, resulting in significant cost savings for the organization and maintenance of the telephone network, and the easy scalability and high mobility of the staff. The cost of this solution is significantly lower than the purchase of an analog PBX, and the organization of it much easier.

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